SOWITEC sells a 400 MW photovoltaic solar project in Brazil

Sonnenbuehl, August 18th, 2021 – The SOWITEC group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sector, has completed the sale of a solar photovoltaic project in development phase, located in the state of Alagoas in North-East Brazil to a major international power utility. The project has potential capacity of up to 400 MW and should start operation in the coming years.

SOWITEC is present in Brazil since 2002 and has a subsidiary in Salvador da Bahia. SOWITEC do Brazil currently employs a multidisciplinary team of 65 highly qualified professionals and has a project portfolio of over 12,000 MW. With the experience from the development of more than 1,000 MW of wind and solar projects in operation or under construction, SOWITEC is already established as one of the most important project developers on the Brazilian renewable energy market.



As one of the leading global project developers for renewable energies, SOWITEC is active in 14 countries with a focus on the rapidly growing emerging and developing countries. With almost 160 employees, SOWITEC covers all areas of solar and wind power project development: from planning and conception, energy and profitability calculations, through construction management, sales and financing to the technical and commercial management of wind and solar parks. More than 60 wind and solar projects with over 3,100 MW developed by SOWITEC are currently in operation or under construction in eight countries, while additional 2,000 MW have been sold to final investors and are currently under final structuring.

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