Identification of new project areas with outstanding renewable energy potential is vital to SOWITECs success. Building on our vast experience in project development, the local team’s intimate knowledge of their respective countries and the technical expertise of our Center of Excellence, we select the most promising sites for solar and wind projects. Our distinguished track record of establishing mutual, trusting relationships with land owners even in regions with challenging land right conditions sets SOWITEC apart.

Wind & Solar Measurement


The core parameter of a sound profitability forecast for a potential project site is the precise knowledge of the wind conditions and accordingly solar irradiation. Many years of experience in organizing, implementing and evaluating more than 200 mast measurements as well as over 100 remote sensing measurements enable an exact determination of the site-specific energy potential. Wind and solar experts in our Center of Excellence work with local teams to identify the optimal locations for resource measurement, select the appropriate sensors and equipment according to the respective requirements and international standards and guidelines, and monitor the measurement from installation to completion of the measurement campaign.

Topography & Geographical


Precise knowledge of the topography of a project area is fundamental to the development of large infrastructure projects such as wind and solar farms or transmission lines. To collect the most detailed topographic data possible, SOWITEC operates its own telemetry equipment and drone fleet. The data gathered then forms the basis for optimizing the wind or solar farm’s layout, civil engineering and environmental studies and permits

Environmental & Sociological studies and stakeholder relations


The environmental and social sustainability is a pivotal consideration at each stage of a SOWITEC project’s development. Right from the start of the development process, our local teams reach out to all stakeholders in and around the project area and, through extensive studies and direct communication, ensure a long-term beneficial partnership between the local population and SOWITEC.

Furthermore, SOWITEC places special emphasis on developing projects with only minimal environmental impact. Optimizing the project’s layout and infrastructure guarantees a smooth implementation and the lowest possible use of resources and land.

Project Permitting


Before a wind or solar farm can be constructed, a multitude of permits must be granted. To guarantee a straightforward permitting process, SOWITEC stays in continuous communication with the responsible authorities right from the start of the development process. In addition to the local regulations, SOWITEC is committed to meeting international social and environmental sustainability standards and performance standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

A continuous and thorough documentation of the development process and all permits is characteristic for all our projects.


for wind- and solar parks and transmission lines 06

SOWITEC and its Centers of Excellence offer a wide array of civil and electrical engineering services of the highest quality standards throughout the project development process. Our projects are distinguished by their high productivity, cost efficiency and strict observation of environmental, social and legal standards. With a proven record of accomplishment of engineering 70 solar and wind projects, including transmission lines, SOWITEC has positioned itself as one of the leading engineering consultants in the field of renewable energies.



As a greenfield project developer, SOWITEC supports projects up to the ready-to-build stage. SOWITEC has long-standing partnerships with many of the world’s largest investor and due to this experience, we are well equipped to handle demanding international ventures and to provide our customers with high-end projects (including with their technical, socioenvironmental and financial aspects).

Verticalizing all development activities has allowed us to offer coherent projects, which directly benefits post commercialization services that can also be provided by SOWITEC.



SOWITEC offers EPC management for the implementation and commissioning of projects and can act as the interface between the project’s investor and the contractors.

The EPC management structure involves areas such as civil and electrical engineering, WTG specialists, quality assurance, environment, health and safety, and project accounting and administration. All these areas are coordinated through project management via a skilled team of project managers, project controllers and site managers.

Each stage of project implementation requires different skills, expertise and planning, covered through the corresponding assigned multi-functional team.

New Initiatives


Faithful to its reputation as early mover, SOWITEC is developing a new generation of projects to address the issue of energy storage and global decarbonization.

The broad diversity of new technologies being developed covers battery storage integrated in solar PV plants in Mexico, hybrid operated natural gas, floating solar PV plants in Brazil, and wind-powered fertilizer production in Argentina.

O&M Management


SOWITEC has operated wind turbines since 1995 and by now, provides technical and commercial management services to over 100 turbines.
Smooth, uninterrupted turbine performance is of utmost importance to SOWITEC. An online monitoring system, emergency service and the on-site network of local troubleshooters secure maximum turbine availability.

Performance characteristics are reviewed to identify areas for optimization and visual inspections are performed on a regular basis. SOWITEC works closely with the turbine manufacturers to analyze malfunctions and to remedy each defect as fast as possible.

This concept proves very successful with notably short down-times for all turbines.