Iberdrola acquires SOWITEC Vietnam with a portfolio of five wind projects under development and a floating solar project with a total of 550 MW

SOWITEC Group sells its Vietnamese operations to Iberdrola whose strong commitment to markets with growth potential in Asia Pacific reinforces a favorable outlook for the final stages of development and implementation of the 550 MW renewable portfolio under development by Sowitec Vietnam, distributed in six projects: five wind farms and a 50 MW floating photovoltaic project. ...

SOWITEC sells six Wind Projects totaling 552 MW in Brazil and signed a contract for a 130 MW PV-project in Colombia

The SOWITEC group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sector, has sold five wind projects in Brazil with a total capacity of 483 MW to a major international Power Utility. ...

SOWITEC sells 3 Wind Projects totaling 770 MW in Brazil

The SOWITEC group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sector, has sold three wind projects in Brazil with a total capacity of 770 MW to a major European energy supplier. ...

Hydro and SOWITEC to investigate possibility for floating solar project in Brazil

Through a joint venture, Norwegian based aluminium producer Hydro and German based renewable power developer SOWITEC will see if it is possible to develop a large-scale floating solar power project in Para state in Brazil. ...

SOWITEC group GmbH (“SOWITEC“) and Vestas Wind System A/S (“Vestas“) Agree on Minority Stake by Vestas of 25.1% with an Option to Acquire the Remaining Shares within the next Three Years

SOWITEC, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sectors, is pleased to announce that it has entered, together with its sole shareholder Frank Hummel, into an agreement with Vestas about a participation of Vestas, a global partner in sustainable energy solutions that designs, manufactures, installs, and services wind turbines across the globe, in the amount of 25.1% of the share capital. As part of the agreement, Vestas will have the option to purchase the remaining stake in SOWITEC within three years from the closing of this transaction. ...

Another success for SOWITEC with the sale of a 200-MWac solar project in Brasil

The SOWITEC group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sector, has sold through his subsidy SOWITEC do Brazil a 200 MWac photovoltaic project in the state of Pernambuco to a major European power utility. Through this sale, the second major solar project is successfully sold within the past nine months, after a 400 MW project had already been sold to the same investor in May 2018. Both projects are part of a solar cluster with a total capacity of up to 1,000 MW...

SOWITEC sells a 200 MWac solar project in Colombia to a large European power utility company

The SOWITEC group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sectors, continues its successful development in Colombia. With the sale of a 200 MWac solar photovoltaic project in the province of Atlántico to a large European power utility company, the local subsidiary SOWITEC Colombia sold its second major project this year. Previously, a 100 MWac project in the province of Cesar was sold in September 2018...


Sonnenbühl, November 16, 2018 – The SOWITEC Group, one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects in the wind and solar sectors, has received an environmental approval for its solar park in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, thus reaching an important milestone in the project development. With a plant capacity of 200 megawatts, the project is one of the largest in Mexico. The solar park will generate 500 GWh of electricity per year and contribute to avoiding 250,000 t CO2. The entire project development, including the environmental study, was carried out by SOWITEC Mexico. The next step is the preparation for participation in an auction in order to secure a power purchase agreement. Commissioning is expected to take place within the next two years...

Ventos da Bahia — Brazil

Last Friday (August, 31st), in Brazil, the auction known as A-6/2018 took place under the control of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). An amount of 2.1 GW of electricity generation capacity was contracted encompassing 1.25 GW of wind parks, 457,7 MW of hydroelectric plants and 391 MW of thermoelectric plants. These projects will require an estimated total investment of R$ 7.68 billion (i.e. US$1.85 Billion). The average price of electricity of the hydro projects was R$ 181,48 / MWh, thermal projects R$ 179,85 / MWh while the average price of electricity of the wind projects was R$ 90,45 / MWh (i.e. US$22.29/MWh)...

Welcome on our new SOWITEC Website!

We are delighted to present to you our new website! On behalf of all of us here at SOWITEC, welcome!

Our fresh, new design and improved layout allows us to present SOWITEC to you in a way that is comprehensive, exciting and intuitive. Together with our growing Social Media presence this marks a major step forward in our corporate communication. In the coming weeks and months we will also launch individual sites for each of our markets, informing in more detail about our local teams and their activities. These subpages will be available in English and the respective national language.

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Mexico Solarprojects EIA

SOWITEC´s Mexico Environmental and Social Department has almost 10 years of in-house experience preparing and submitting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to obtain its projects environmental authorizations/licenses, having an important track record of authorized wind projects, solar pv projects, and high voltage transmission lines. Specifically on solar pv projects, SOWITEC Mexico has elaborated EIAs and handed over to the authorities environmental authorization requests for around 1,1 GWac  in projects, having 640 MWac of these already an environmental license, accepted and approved by the authorities.

Delfina Story

Based on the information published by the Brazilian Power Trade Chamber CCEE for May 2018 the project Delfina developed by SOWITEC is among the ten best wind project sites in Brazil.

The highlight of the month is the project Delfina III with 28 MW installed capacity and a capacity factor of 77.2%.

Four other subparks belonging to the Delfina cluster are also among the top ten projects. Additionally remarkable is the constancy of the high capacity factor on hourly basis for May 2018. The wind complex located in the municipality of Campo Formoso, Bahia state consists of seven subparks totaling 180 MW and is operated with Vestas turbines. The cluster owned by Enel Green Power represents a mix of power supply agreements, where 90 MW were commercialized through the Reserve Energy Auction (LER 2014) and 90 MW through private PPAs on the free market.