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24. 08. 2016

SOWITEC Chile - PV project "Aurora del Huasco"

“After more than nine months of collaborative working, Vallenar's community representatives and SOWITEC Chile signed the first Pre-investment Voluntary Agreements (AVP in Spanish) for an energy project, in the history of Chile. This forefront initiative was part of the socialization plan of the PV Project "Aurora del Huasco".

This partnership process contributed to establish a transparent and long-term relationship between the company and Project's stakeholders, improving project designing outlooks and local development through CSV proposals.

Thus, the AVP -a public citizen participation instrument designed and led by the Council of Clean Production (CPL)- allowed to articulate the different regards of the territory, translating into agreements the local vision of sustainable development.

Undoubtedly, this successful experience become a reference for the energy market in Chile, promoting high citizen participation standards and sustainability, in major infrastructure projects”.

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